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The Advanced Optics Behind Our LED Light Fixtures
- 10/13/2018 -

 As LED fixtures gain a stronger foothold in commercial and industrial lighting industry, those fixtures are offering advanced optics and other spectral features that were otherwise not available with more traditional forms of lighting.

Guide to LED Optics
Indoor horticulture is expanding rapidly as LED grow lights have reduced the utility costs that were previously associated with lighting horticultural facilities. With our all new OpticPAR Technology, Green Lite LED has engineered LED fixtures with proprietary symmetrical and asymmetrical lens optics to direct the maximum amount of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) onto the growing surfaces of plants. Our advanced optics enable indoor horticulturalists to direct light onto vegetation that is below the upper plant canopies. These directional and beam dispersal capabilities increase the LED fixture’s photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) to generate a greater amount of flowering and higher plant yields in indoor growing facilities.
Maintaining Light Quality and Focusing Beam Spread

The development of advanced optics grew simultaneously with better LED technology. The light distribution from an LED light is at its peak directly in front of the fixture. As you move from side to side, the light intensity drops off significantly. Most of the light from a typical LED fixture is concentrated into an area that is approximately 20 degrees to any side of the light. With either smooth or variegated reflector surfaces and gradients on lenses, that light can be spread across a broader area with little or no loss of intensity. Our engineers have designed dozens of varied optic patterns to offer full control of beam spread in a custom lighting solution.

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